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GSM is a leading Computer Education Network in all over Rajasthan. There are many centers in Rajasthan. This organization reaches village to village and all cities to provide lower, middle & higher Class Gentry. GRAMEEN SAKSHARTA MISSION an autonomous institution registered under society act 1958,No. 956/jaipur/2010-11 governing by MA EDUCATION & REASERCH ORGANISATION, is established to fulfill the dream “Information Technology for everyone”, and to fulfill the needs of 10 Lakhs IT professional till 2020 and other jobs related to this factor and giving the employment directly or indirectly to 30 Lakhs people of India.
The main motto behind running this program is to bring computer revolution in every village and city of India by delivering the high technical education at the nominal fee to the people of every category in India.The objective of this mission is to make every person a computer literate. The GSM, under the aegis of Government of India, has plans to provide guidance to every individual, and impart knowledge of computers as well as to provide financial assistance for their computer education in rural areas. .


Our Mission

"This Organization has not been established just to prepare student for getting computer certification. the main purpose is to enhance students to cultivate self-knowledge, techno skill and self confidence, so that each student can make him-self stand in this competitive word with Professional skills."


Our Vision

Vision is like a beacom light whose sole job is to guide us to the best destination through the best possible moral, social, professional as well as a global path. In order to reach the milestone of 100 % Computer Literacy along with the creation of well honed and oriented work force for the corporate sector

  • "The point of education is to turn mirrors into windows."

    - Mr. Ashok Gupta, Director

  • "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

    - Mr. Ravi Shankar Sharma, President

  • "The great aim of education is not knowledge but action."

    - Mr. Govind Sharma, Website Developer

  • "Learning from experience is a faculty almost never practiced."

    - Mr. Ashok Gupta, Director